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Gearbox Creative is Not Your Average Digital Agency

Gearbox Creative is a boutique digital agency based in the leafy suburbs of Parktown North, Johannesburg. We do things a little differently here. Unlike many other web-based agencies, we won’t leave you in the lurch. Rather, we pride ourselves on the close relationships that we form with our clients. We take the time to really get to know our clients – right from the start. We’re on call throughout every project process and will continue to stand by you for maintenance and support purposes. We are quirky; we never think inside the box. We are Gearbox Creative.
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Gearbox Creative (Pty) Ltd is a Level 2 B-BBEE provider with 51% Black Female Ownership

Our Core Values

Gearbox Creative targets the needs of SME clients with the aim of significantly growing their businesses. We believe that it will be small- and medium-sized enterprises that will become the backbone of the South African economy. Gearbox Creative strongly believes in fostering close customer relationships. There are no standard packages; a bespoke solution is designed for each client.

Gearbox Creative’s web developers not only build custom sites, but can also create fully functional eCommerce stores. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services and digitial marketing ensure that newly-constituted websites are ranked in Google searches. To improve awareness of our clients’ companies and/or brands, Gearbox Creative has a social media and community management, as well as public relations, specialist on the team. Our copywriting and editing department creates original content for your blogs, as well as producing professional business documents, such as company profiles. Projects requiring design, brand creation or photographic work are outsourced to trusted providers.



We have successfully completed over 50 projects. They range from one-person start-ups to corporate-level clients.


Years Experience

Our core team has over 40 years of experience in their respective fields. From development to design, copy to photography; we offer it all.


Kgs of Coffee

This is a monthly figure, by the way. Our team is fueled by single origin coffees from around the world. Our favourite, thus far, is an Ethiopian Sidamo.

Our Talented Team

Gearbox Creative is a dynamic team of four individuals. We each have different skills, but together we're the complete package.


Andrew Royal

MD and Chief Coffee Maker

Andrew Royal is a self-taught digital expert. He has worked in the sales and marketing field for over 15 years, the past 7 of which have been specifically in the digital realm. He has a special love for CSS3 and raw HTML5; kick it old-school. He considers himself to be the (digital) style guru of the office. Given his extensive digital knowledge and his background in marketing, Andrew is the complete package when it comes to giving your company a true digital presence and making you known in the ‘digiverse’.


Mendisa Ngalo

Digital Marketing

Mendisa Ngalo is a Digify graduate and has experience in both marketing management and digital marketing. She has worked in the industry for the past two years and is constantly improving her skill set. She has completed a number of online courses in various web languages including HTML, CSS and PHP. Since joining Gearbox Creative, Mandy has strengthened our advertising campaign creation and management. She has intimate knowledge of both Google Analytics and keyword analysis and uses it to constantly improve our clients’ digital marketing presence. She is also a certified AdWords practitioner.


Molly Banda

Social Media and Public Relations

Molly Banda holds a Diploma in Public Relations and Communication from the University of Johannesburg. She has worked in the media industry for the past three years. Since joining Gearbox Creative, Molly has run impressive social media campaigns for our clients. Her knowledge of datametrics, and her ability to apply it to the social media realm is invaluable in ensuring that our clients’ social media presence remains comprehensive. Molly also generates, publishes and shares original content to keep our clients’ social media pages active.


Tracy Royal

Copy, Proofing and Research

Tracy Royal holds two Honours Degrees; in English Language and Linguistics and in Education. Having written theses across both fields, she has experience in the writing of formal copy. She has broadened her copywriting repetoire since joining Gearbox Creative and can now switch easily between academic formality and market-specific slang - both stylistically and in her diction. All copywriting and proofreading, for both Gearbox Creative as well as for our various clients, conform to the highest professional standards. Any research conducted is thorough and informative.

Our Valued Clients

Gearbox Creative has been privileged to work alongside some amazing clients.
We would be delighted to have you on board.

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