Cotton Tree Trust

date: 2017
client: Cotton Tree Trust
project type: Web Development

Cotton Tree Trust

Who Is Cotton Tree Trust

The Cotton Tree Trust is a newly formed charity that aims to assist asylum seekers and other refugees in England and Wales. The trust’s legal branch aids solicitors and immigration officials. The heal and grow branch, provides emotional support in the form of individual and group therapies as well as assisting refugees to build a confidence in their future. The training branch assists asylum seekers to acquire new skills so they can productively join the United Kingdom’s workforce once their legal status has been confirmed.

What We Did For Them

Gearbox Creative, in collaboration with Vincent Truter, designed and built The Cotton Tree Trust’s website. As Cotton Tree Trust is an international NGO dealing with sensitive matters, the utmost care was taken to ensure that their digital presence accurately represented the tasks that they perform.  Vincent Truter was responsible for the graphical elements on the site. Together we built a beautiful and fully functional site for the client.  Gearbox Creative was also responsible for the technical aspects of the site including domain management, Google Apps setup and hosting.

The Specs of the Build

As Cotton Tree Trust needed their digital presence represented quickly, we were able to set up the site in one week.  Deadlines were tight, but due to the brilliant design a creative direction of Vincent Truter we were able to meet their deadline.

Where to Find Cotton Tree Trust


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