Cosmetiques de France

date: 2015 - present
client: Cosmetiques de France
project type: eCommerce

Cosmetiques de France

About Cosmetiques de France

Cosmetiques de France is a French company specialising in skin care brands. Since 1995, the company has selected and bought the best French cosmetic brands available. They have organised their distribution in more than 20 countries. Internationally, Cosmetiques de France works with a selection of 30 top cosmetic brands recognized all over Europe. These brands are renowned for their high quality, technological advances and their reasonable price positioning. In order to keep these products affordable, a direct sales system has been negotiated with each brand to avoid the middle man.  This removes unnecessary costs which could have an impact on the value of the products. Cosmetiques de France imports only genuine brands – the quality of which has been carefully checked in order to provide total satisfaction to its customers.

The Cosmetiques de France build has incorporated many aspects of modern web development techniques. This eCommerce site has taken the best aspects of all the eCommerce sites out there. We have made this site the best user experience around. Working on the brands that we represent, we require explicit sign-off from the parent companies based in France. We also ensure that we always adhere to the latest visual requirements of each brand.

Payment and Logistics

The Gearbox has implemented a number of payment gateways on the site. This gives the user complete control over how their payments are made. Partnering with a courier service, Rush, this means that our logistics chain is slick and clients get their parcels quickly. We’ve optimised our supply and logistics chain to the point where we are able to ship most parcels overnight around the country. There are also clear lines of communication should a product be out of stock or if there are any queries about orders.

This is an ongoing project and we strive together with the client to make this site the premier destination for cosmetic sales online.

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