Enspired Muse

date: 2017
client: Enspired Muse
project type: Web Development

What is Enspired Muse?

Enspired Muse Coaching and Management moves beyond big box blueprint advising and consulting. Instead, we aim to foster a community of like-minded individuals committed to co-creating a world in which all things are possible and nothing is out of reach.

Leveraging twenty years of relationships across various sectors, Enspired Muse Founder and Principal, Jeffrey DeShawn, brings together a network of creatives, thinkers and makers that are leading the way in social change, innovation, personal and organizational transformation.

What Did Gearbox Creative Do?

We built the client a new frontend, one-page website. We worked closely with Samuel Design to bring the best elements together to be represent our clients consulting firm. We developed the top banner from a layered Illustrator file to bring life to the elements.

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