G-Form South Africa

date: 2012 - Present
client: Boardriders Asylum
project type: eCommerce


G-Form South Africa was The Gearbox’s first client all the way back in 2012. We would probably have to say that they are our most loyal client. G-Form was launched in 2012 in South Africa and we needed to get a website up quickly – and at a low cost to the client. G-Form International very kindly offered us their source code that we tweaked to fit into the South African context. However, disaster struck a few months later when the international site was overhauled and we lost a number of the links that we were pulling. This caused us to very quickly (read: 24 hours) deploy a new site for them.

G-Form, which sits under the parent brand of Boardriders Asylum, is now version 3.0 and gosh is it pretty. We constantly strive to make the site the number one action-sport-protective-gear site in South Africa. Most of all: the client is legend!

More About G-Form

Our athletic and consumer electronic products utilize RPT™ – Reactive Protection Technology. RPT™ is a composite blend of PORON®XRD™ material and proprietary G-Form materials: a technology that instantly stiffens upon impact and absorbs over 90% of energy, thus offering state-of-the-art impact protection in a lightweight, flexible form.

G-Form’s athletic products feature unique hinging and molding, which allow athletes the ultimate freedom and flexibility when pushing themselves to the limits. Our low-profile RPT™ pads can be easily worn over or under clothing.

Our consumer electronics products also utilize RPT™ – hey, if it’s good enough to protect your bones, it’s good enough to protect your precious consumer electronics. For electronics, our proprietary molded shapes provide maximum protection in the most convenient form factor.

Our unique and comfortable medical grade gel products are specifically designed to reduce pressure and increase comfort. Thus our gel products are low profile, self-adhering and lightweight, ensuring maximum comfort where it counts.

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