Gone Skiing

date: 2013 - present
client: Gone Skiing
project type: eCommerce

Gone Skiing

Gone Skiing is South Africa’s premier ski and snowboard shop. The Gearbox Creative started this build in early 2013 and the client remains one of our most loyal customers. Gone Skiing supplies a number of the top international snow brands including Burton, Surfanic, Oakley, Von Zipper and anon. The shop is the go-to place for all snow enthusiasts. Whether you are a weekend warrior or training for the Olympics, Gone Skiing has all the goods that you need!

Furthermore, they are associated with many of the top tour companies. They offer some amazing early-bird specials especially for their clients. These tour operators include Club Med, Pure Skiing and of course Afriski. Afriski, located in the Lesotho highlands, is Southern Africa’s little winter wonderland. With 4 months of skiing and snowboarding, you can hop across there in a few hours and shred to your wildest dreams. Gone Skiing has a shop located at the resort where you can get all the same gear that you can get in Johannesburg. The eCommerce portal that we have set up allows you to buy online and have your product shipped to you no matter where you are in the country.

About Gone Skiing

Gone Skiing is the first destination for those who want to know all there is to know about skiing gear, skiing hot spots and events. It is a social meeting place for the experienced snowsports enthusiast as well as the first time skier. Gone Skiing has two shops: one in Fourways opposite Design Quarter and another in Lesotho at Afriski.

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