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How Gearbox Creative Operates


Gearbox Creative has been a dream of mine for over five years now. Although we may only have registered as an official entity in July 2016, the passion and drive that I have put into this company over a much longer time period are now yielding results. I never thought we would become this established, but now I know that Gearbox Creative is here to stay. Although we are small, we have become a force to be reckoned with. 2017 promises to be a prosperous year for us and we would be delighted to have you on board. We have always put the needs of our clients first – and always will.

Andrew Royal

Gearbox Creative is a through-the-line digital agency, specialising in bringing clients into the digisphere in order to expand their businesses.


Gearbox Creative targets the needs of SME clients with the aim of significantly growing their businesses. We believe that it will be small- and medium-sized enterprises that will become the backbone of the South African economy. Gearbox Creative strongly believes in fostering close customer relationships. There are no standard packages; a bespoke solution is designed for each client.

Gearbox Creative’s web developers not only build custom sites, but can also create fully functional eCommerce stores. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services and digitial marketing ensure that newly-constituted websites are ranked in Google searches. To improve awareness of our clients’ companies and/or brands, Gearbox Creative has a social media and community management, as well as public relations, specialist on the team. Our copywriting and editing department creates original content for your blogs, as well as producing professional business documents, such as company profiles. Projects requiring design, brand creation or photographic work are outsourced to trusted providers.


Prior to signing on a new client, comprehensive research is conducted which is based on the client’s digital presence.

Initially, an analysis of the client’s existing website is completed. This fufills a dual purpose: it is used to assess the company’s web presence as well as being one method of ensuring that we are familiar with the industy when in discussions with the client.

Once the website has been studied, a technical audit is conducted. Whether the site is mobile friendly and the speed at which it loads are two aspects that are considered as a part of this auditing process. We also investigate whether or not there are any penalties from Google with regards to Google searches.

A client’s social media presence is also assessed by our company’s expert. Particular attention is paid as to whether appropriate platforms are in place and to the level of activity on each. Based on this information, suggestions are then made to the client regarding how their social media presence can be improved and streamlined.

Any information that has been gathered thus far is then collated and specific, appropriate recommendations are made based on the clients’ needs and wants. These, together with their supporting information, are then presented and discussed with the client.

If the contract is accepted, we remain in close contact with the client throughout its duration. Loyalty to our clients dictates that, for the duration of the contract and an additional six months afterwards, we do not sign on any other client working in the same industry.



All web and eCommerce development projects employ advanced CMS platforms and adhere to the latest in SEO requirements. We build only bespoke websites for our clients.


Gearbox Creative offers both pay-per-click and social media advertising. Clients are always advised on how best to distribute available advertising funds for top results. Reports are provided post-campaign.


From Facebook and Twitter to Pinterest or LinkedIn, we populate and manage our clients’ social media presence. Regular updates and community management are also included as a service.


Our copywriting department generates original, creative content. In addition, we offer proofreading services. All copy-related projects are meticulously completed and checked.


We contract to some of South Africa’s best designers to either create new brand identities or add a twist to existing ones. Company profiles and corporate documents are co-created with our trusted providers.


We primarily contract the services of one of South Africa’s leading product and lifestyle photographers. All photography meets the highest standards. Our photographers collectively have over  20 years of experience.