The Small Business Digital Starter Pack

Website Development

The Rationale behind the Small Business Digital Starter Pack

Running a small business is difficult enough – building a comprehensive digital presence need not be. However, the majority of small entrepreneurial businesses lack an in-house marketing team. Gearbox Creative provides a full digital solution to start-ups and fledgling businesses. As a small business ourselves, we understand the importance of effective and targeted digital marketing in a world in which information seems limitless and is so easily available. Therefore, we bring you the Small Business Digital Starter Pack.

Why is the Small Business Digital Starter Pack so Important?

It is predicted that within the next three to five years, new business will, predominantly, come from digital leads. Given the online boom in South Africa, not being a part of the digital revolution will severely impact on the viability of your small-to-medium-sized company. Even having a web presence is no longer sufficient. Adopting an integrative approach to online, social media, and digital and social media marketing is the only way small companies can survive the ever-changing business environment.

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Corporate Identity

What is Included in the Small Business Digital Starter Pack?

Gearbox Creative has created a full suite of digital tools – the small business digital starter pack – that, when implemented, will immediately boost your company’s digital footprint. However, to most effectively take advantage of these tools training is necessary. This is provided by the Gearbox Creative experts who will host workshops in each aspect of the digital package. Whether its writing blog posts to Google’s standard, creating effective tweets, selling homemade goods online or the use of Google AdWords campaigns, Gearbox Creative can assist. All our websites are developed to the latest web standards. Systems deployed on the latest CMS platforms ensure the flexibility and agility needed to survive the forever-changing digisphere. The creation of custom-built eCommerce stores, with a full range of payment gateway options, is a specialty of ours. Although we provide training to complement your starter pack, continued support from Gearbox Creative is always available.

Forbes has written a fantastic piece entitled Digital Marketing Strategies Small Businesses Should Adopt that all small business owners should read.

Our Small Business Digital Starter Pack Options

  • Website Development

  • From R10,000.00

  • Our Packages

    Website development has always been the core business of Gearbox Creative. It is our bread and butter. We have a number of different options available to clients.

    • Basic Digital Presence
    • Advanced Digital Presence
    • The Big Daddy Web Presence
    • Custom Web Development
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  • eCommerce Solutions

  • From R35,000.00

  • Our Packages

    Gearbox Creative has extensive experience developing and deploying eCommerce Solutions; from simple 5 product stores to large scale boutique clients with 500+ SKUs on the site.

    • Basic eCommerce Solution
    • Advanced eCommerce Solution
    • Big Shopper eCommerce Solution
    • Custom eCommerce Development
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  • Digital Marketing Solutions

  • From R4,000.00

  • Our Packages

    Gearbox Creative has been creating and implementing digital marketing solutions for our clients for the past 5 years. Through targeted advertising and ensuring that bids and budgets are correct, we can guarantee successful results, yielding results that will grow your business exponentially.

    • Facebook Advertising
    • Google AdWords Advertising
    • Instagram Advertising
    • Twitter Advertising
    • LinkedIn Advertising
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  • Social Media Creation and Training

  • From R3,500.00

  • Our Packages

    Gearbox Creative has been working in the social media realm for over 7 years now. We have created the perfect formula for setting up social profiles. We can maximise your presence across all the platforms.

    We also offer a full day crash course on using social media. We tend not to manage client social profiles as we are not 100% experts in their industry and would rather not create another Bell Pottinger or FNB saga.

    • Creation of Social Media Profiles
    • Social Media Crash Course
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  • Brand and Corporate Identity

  • From R7,500.00

  • Our Packages

    We will assist you in creating the perfect corporate identity for your company – something that will stick in the consumer’s mind. We offer two packages in this solution; logo creation and full brand identity.

    • Logo Creation
    • Complete Corporate Identity Setup
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  • Website and Email Hosting

  • R49.00 per month

  • We offer a full hosting suite for clients.

    • Run Your Site On Gearbox Creative’s Dedicated Server
    • Unlimited Email Addresses
    • Latest Versions of PHP and MySQL
    • 14 Day Backups of Files and Database
    • Pay R499.00 per annum and save 2 months fees